Pisa, Italy - April 14-16, 2003

Past Editions

The European Conference on Information Retrieval Research, now in its 25th "Silver Jubilee" edition, was initially established by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group of the British Computer Society (BCS-IRSG) under the name "Annual Colloquium on Information Retrieval Research", and held in the UK until 1997.

Since 1998 the location of the colloquium has alternated between the United Kingdom and continental Europe, in order to reflect the growing European orientation of the event. For the same reason, in 2001 the event was renamed "European Annual Colloquium on Information Retrieval Research". Since 2002, the proceedings of the Colloquium are published by Springer Verlag in their Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. The previous six Colloquia have been held in Glasgow (2002), Darmstadt (2001), Cambridge (2000), Glasgow (1999), Grenoble (1998), and Aberdeen (1997). ECIR-04 will be held in Sunderland, UK.

Since 2003 BCS-IRSG has decided to rename the event "European Conference on Information Retrieval Research", in order to reflect what the event had slowly turned into, i.e. a full-blown Conference with a European program committee, strong peer reviewing, and a (mostly) European audience.

However, ECIR still retains the strong student focus that had characterized the Colloquia from their early inception: student fees are kept particularly low, a student travel grant program is enforced in order to encourage students to attend the conference (and student authors to present their paper personally), and a Best Student Paper Award is assigned (conversely, ECIR has no Best Paper Award).


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